Monday, May 5, 2014

West 52nd St. & 8th Ave Station Kaput; Boon for 52nd & 9th and 52th and 9th

Monday, May 5 at 7:10pm: The W52nd St. & 8th Ave. station is down. It's not releasing any CitiBikes and the few open docks are broken and not accepting bikes.  (Warning: if you are at this station and find a working dock, you should call CitiBike to make sure your trip is closed.  There is a chronic problem with bikes parked here not being registered in the system as being docked.  Hopefully when the station is repaired this problem will be resolved.)

It's a sad state of affairs that it takes a station failure to populate the 52nd & 9th and 54th & 9th stations as people who can't dock on 8th Ave. are being forced to dock on 9th.

Broken West 52nd St & 8th Ave. CitiBike Station

Note that the 52nd & 9th station is currently up to 4 bikes and 54th & 9th is up to 3 bikes.

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