Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wrongheaded CitiBike rebalancing continues unabated in Midtown/Hell's Kitchen

This morning at 9:30am, I saw a rebalancer - the same guy pictured here - with his precious cargo of 4 CitiBikes riding up Broadway (going opposite the designated direction).  He rode by the Broadway/51st St. station but would have added bikes there except the station was full.  He continued up Broadway and I am pretty certain he added his bikes to the Broadway/53rd St. station:

This is just so wrongheaded because that station was already 3/4 full, with 30+ bikes.  Meanwhile, one avenue block west, the 8th Ave./52nd St station was empty (I know because I walked by it) and the CitiBike app showed the 9th Ave/54 and 9th Ave/52 stations were empty.

It's clear that the powers that be at CitiBike have targeted Broadway for rebalancing, perhaps to get tourists to pony up for the more lucrative $10 day passes, and are ignoring the members who live in Hell's Kitchen.

Here is a snapshot of the Haves (red means full) and Have Nots (blue means empty). The highlighted circle is the Broadway/51st. station.

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