Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Miracle: the West 54th St. and 9th Ave. station was rebalanced this morning

This morning, something remarkable happened: CitiBike added bikes to the W54 and 9th Ave. station - by my count, at least a dozen bikes around 9am.

Here is the proof:

CitiBike Station at West 54 and 9th Ave: Image captured Aug. 18 at 12:20pm

And here's the station at 9:50am:

From the graph above, you'll see that all the bikes were gone within about 1.5h, which shows that when the station is stocked with bikes, they will get used (there were 3 bikes checked out within a 2-minute span).  I hope CitiBike takes notice and realizes that it makes more sense to help out the empty stations in the morning rather than fill up the Broadway and 49/51/53/55 stations in anticipation of the evening rush 6+ hours in the future.

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