Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Empty Citibike stations in upper Hell's Kitchen: August

Even under new leadership, Citibike continues to ignore Hell's Kitchen, leaving stations empty during the morning commute.  Meanwhile, in their wrongheadedness, they are rebalancing Broadway, keeping those stations heavily stocked.  Does anyone at Citibike know what it's like to bike south along Broadway?  And why does Citibike think it's appropriate to make users walk 5 minutes from 9th ave. to Broadway to get a bike? Here's a sampling from the past two weeks:

August 5 at 9:47am

August 6 at 9:52am

August 14 at 9:43am

Even on weekends: August 16 at 12:14pm

August 17 at 9:40am

August 19 at 9:28am

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